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Our score is a simple percentage (%) that helps you decide if an item of clothing is worth buying or not. That's it. 

How does it help you?

No more clothes you don't wear, no more money wasted, no more fast fashion. Just what makes you look and feel good.

- At least 70% means it's essential in a perfect wardrobe

- At least 60% is something highly wearable for nearly everyone

- Anything around 50% is average so consider higher scores first


Everything in our directory is a classic menswear item but that doesn't mean it's right for you. We know personal preference is key. We're not here to tell you how to dress just to help you make better decisions. 

Knowing more about you means we can personalise the score. We have the questions, we just don't have the tech to do it...yet. 

So for now, when you next want to buy clothes, maybe ask Vincent first? 

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Why do we do it? 

To help you always buy the right clothes and stop you from being sold the wrong ones. Armed with this knowledge means you'll know what deserves your money and a space in your wardrobe. 

How do we do it?


That jumper you love? It will do everything you want it to. Your favourite shirt? Reliable when you need it. 

We believe every item of clothing you own should:


- Fit with your lifestyle, be it work, play or a special occasion

- Be appropriate for the climate and seasons where you live

- In a colour suitable for its design and suit you

- Offer durability so it lasts a long time

- Flatter your body and personality with style


The combination of these factors results in our score. Consider it an expression of the ‘true value’ of the garment regardless of brand name or price. Choose clothes with confidence. 

Why does it work?

We're not 100% sure it does, yet. But we do know what looks good. Plus we've spent endless hours talking to clients in the world of tailoring, clothing design and retail.


These conversations, sometimes consultations, combine industry knowledge and customer needs. The results are clothes and outfits that are 100% fit for purpose. We wondered what would happen if we gave this advice to a wider range of  

The aim? For everyone to forget about their clothes and focus on the important stuff.



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