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The most satisfying way to buy clothes. After something specific? Not sure about waxing a load of cash on it? Start looking for vintage options.

There is a growing number of vintage clothing platforms, some you'll know, others you may not. Some are focused on luxury, some on day-to-day wear. Anything that keeps clothes from landfill is good by us. 

We provide links to vintage choices on ALL garments in our collection. If it's sold-out, it could be your only hope.

The most essential thing to know when buying vintage is....your measurements. See below for the ones you need depending on what you are buying.


First, check this video. It's very easy to follow and we’ve added links to the right part of the video to take each measure.


Chest | Shoulder | Sleeve | Back Length | Waist | Collar

If you know these you will save lots of money and get serious satisfaction from finding amazing clothes for a fraction of the price of retail, plus you're doing a good thing for the environment. 

We believe the only way for consumers to be truly sustainable at the moment is to wear clothes to death and stop buying things we don't need. 

UPDATE: This section is unfinished. Soon come. 

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