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Welcome to Vincent. Our aim is for you to...

Know the best clotKnow what will look good on you.

Know it will last.

Know you will love wearing it.

Know the gaps in your wardrobe.

Know when (if) the best items go on sale.

Know the most valuable items to buy, not by price but by longevity and quality. 

We don't believe in selling you things you don't need. We hate the idea of waste and want to move away from fast fashion. We won't bombard you emails; we've all had enough of those. We believe in sustainability through quality. We want to help you make considered and informed choices with a focus on versatility, simplicity and longevity.


((Our gallery offers inspiration to get you started.)) The collection begins with the most valuable garments, not the most expensive, we’re talking about true value. What is true value? That is what Vincent cares about most. That is where our garment score comes in. By scoring in simple numbers why a garment is highly wearable, will last a long time, is ideal to buy vintage or will just look really great you can be confident in what you buy. 


Our clothing categories logically follow the structure of a good wardrobe, all the categories that, when considered properly, will mean you’ll never have to spend more than a few minutes knowing what to wear for any occasion. Plus you’ll stop wasting time on clothes that you return and, even worse, money on those you never wear.

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